Preparing for your portrait session

Congratulations, booking your session was your first step in getting beautiful portraits.  Now the confusing and overwhelming planning process begins.  What to wear?  How to style my hair?  How do I do my makeup?  How do I style my session to bring out the best of me?  Those are all great questions that I can help guide you to the right answer!  I do not want your session to be a stressful or uncomfortable experience, so some of these tips are to help you in your planning process.  Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to go about planning your session, so if you have an outfit or accessory that is important to you and you feel great in than bring it along!  Follow along with me and hopefully you have a better idea of what you want out of your session!
Choosing outfits can be a crucial part to the turnout of your session.  If you are wearing clothing that is unflattering or something that you do not feel confident in than it will show in your portraits. 
        You can wear the most gorgeous put together outfit, but if you are not comfortable you will exude that in your portraits.  We will be doing lots of different posing, walking around, and sometimes the perfect location is a bit off the beaten path and you want to be comfortable the entire time!
         Colors look much better in photos than whites or blacks.  If you add pops of color to your whites or blacks by accessorizing that is perfect, but don't have too many "bland" clothing choices.  Also, try to choose colors that compliment your eye, skin and hair color.  As an example someone with blue eyes wearing a blue top will help make their eyes pop.  Please try to steer clear of bright neon colors!  Neon colored shirts leave a reflection or color cast on your skin, and trust me you do not want to see your shirt reflection on your face! ;)


      Be careful in this category, I love patterns but don't overdo it.  Adding a pattern with a plain item works well, just make sure the pattern is not too overwhelming and takes attention away from your face.  Here's an example, Taylor did a great job throwing pattern with plain white pants.  It looks great and doesn't distract you.

       Yes to layers!  They are the best way to add character and dimension to your photos.  Not to mention it's flattering.  Go ahead and layer up, jackets, sweaters, scarves, tanks, necklaces.  Some of the best clothing choices are implementing layers.  Best thing about it is you can also get multiple outfit choices from just taking off or adding layers.


       Don't be afraid to accessorize!  Necklaces, scarves, hats, bracelets, watch, earrings, belts, we welcome it all!  If you're not sure, bring it and I can help!  We want an array of different options for your session and those little details add more than you'd think to your portraits!



     Don't be afraid to mix and match and bring options to your session.  I'm here to help if you have any reservations about certain things.  Bring items from a couple of these clothing styles, comfy, dressy, preppy, edgy, sports or school related as long as it is naturally your style!  It's crucial to your session to have a few portrait styles to choose from.  Hannah did beautifully choosing clothing options that not only looked great, but also told a story of who she is.



      This will more than likely be one of the only times in your life that you will have professional portraits done of yourself.  Remember that when choosing hair and makeup styles.  I would highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done if at all possible.  If that is not in your budget, than remember these tips when doing your own.  

      For your hair, all down or half down is best.  It helps to frame your face for flattering pictures.  We are on location for these shoots and wind is a factor when it comes to how your hair will turn out.  Flowing soft hair lays better in your portraits than hair that you have hair sprayed to not move.  You will end up with tons of little "fly away" hairs that will show up in the picture.  

       For makeup, Going slightly more bold than you would normally will help you from getting that washed out look.  I would recommend not going too dark on your eye shadow colors as it darkens your eyes too much.  Smokey eye is ok in moderation but too much and it takes the light away from your eyes.  I would recommend adding false lashes, it always gives your eyes a beautiful boosted look, but make sure they are attached properly as you will see any "glue" or placement mistakes in your photos.  Don't forget your lips, whether you want bold or subtle, they look best with some lipstick or gloss on them!

      Other tips to keep in mind.  Really hydrate yourself and get good sleep the days leading up to your session, it does wonders to your skin and appearance.  Moisturize your skin with a good lotion, but please keep away from lotions that have a sparkle or metallic finish to them.  It causes reflection in your photos.  Tanning lotions are ok in moderation, just make it as even as possible on your skin.  If you do choose to visit a tanning bed prior to your session, do not tan  3-4 days before your appointment with me.  We want your skin as even as possible and do not want the possibility of orange or red spots or even "raccoon" eyes in your photos.


I hope this helps you envision your own style and what you want out of your session.  Utilize the people around you to help in deciding your clothing choices.  If you need any further help, I am here to give my advice and help you style your shoot! If you are interested in doing "styled" or themed shoots, contact me and I would be excited to help make that happen!  I LOVE, LOVE creativity, and have been known to throw my wild ideas out there, so don't be afraid to think outside the box!