Do you have a studio?

No, I do not have a "studio".  Have I been known to have sessions in my rearranged living room with my huge 10 ft backdrops, yes.  It's not ideal, but I do what I have to do to keep my clients happy!  Some of you want "studio" style shoots and for a little extra cost I will do that for you.  Keeping my overhead costs low, which in turn keeps my session costs affordable, I do not have a studio away from my home.  On location shoots are way prettier anyway!;)

Do you give digitals with your session?

No, I do not include them in my session fees and here is why.  I do not want my clients walking away from my sessions with only digitals.  Can you purchase digitals if that is your cup of tea?  Yes, you can, but I promise you that once you see my extremely gorgeous professional prints, wall art and albums you won't be even thinking about digitals anymore.  No lab that is accessible to the public will be able to print quality photos from our session and I want nothing but the best for my clients.  If being able to post them on your favorite social media app is your concern, than no problem, with each qualifying order you can have the accompanying digitals at no extra cost.  Contact me and I can chat with you more about my beautiful products!

Well, we don’t HAVE to but I would strongly recommend it, and here’s why. The consultation is not only a time to see what I offer , and the products that I carry, but it is also a very important time for me to get to know you, your family, or whomever I am photographing. I’m trying to create a custom experience for each person I photograph and I can not do that without getting to know you. Also, getting your portraits taken can be a very personal look into yours and your families lives and making sure we all mesh well is so important. Besides, the consultation is chill, we sit, drink coffee, wine ;) or whatever floats your boat and we talk about your wants, your ideas, and all things photos!

Do we need to meet for a consultation?

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at photosbykristinemarie@gmail.com